Deep Dive Games
Introducing Dungeons & Dragons Adventures in the Inverted World 
Clubs for middle & high school age youth

Players, do you want epic powers and skills, battles against the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy), and magical treasure?  

Parents and Guardians, do you want your young people to face ethical dilemmas, practice problem solving and cooperation, build empathy and social skills, all while having fun?  

D&D does all that.   

All sessions are online. 

Club One: Sundays, October 11-December 13 1-4pm cst       $330    CLUB FULL 

Club Two: Wednesdays, October 14-December 16 5-7pm cst      $198


No experience required, but experienced players welcome.  Each player will need access to the 5th edition Player's Handbook, either online or a physical copy.

 Each Club has a minimum of 5 and max of 6 players.

Contact me at to register. Please list your 1st and 2nd choices for sessions, in case they fill up or one does not get enough participants. 

Much of my work is in the design and use of RPGs for spiritual work. While these sessions will not be explicit spiritual discovery games, I cannot help but bring  my experience and what I have learned in my work and research into the sessions. 

Games will address issues of fairness and equality, asking players to work through these complex issues. Racism, sexism, homophobia, white supremacy and other forms of hate will not be tolerated. Group agreements for behavior and expectations will be created at each first session. Games will be more about character development and roleplaying than going through dungeons and killing monsters. 

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