Most of the time I meet with people one on one. These sessions will usually start with silence and a guided meditation, in order to let go of as many distractions as possible. Then we talk. I may ask questions about what you have told me before our first session or I may simply ask how you are. Though it is called spiritual direction, I am not very directive, instead following your lead. I will make suggestions as needed or tell a story, or suggest a practice for you to do in between sessions.
We typically meet once a month, though at the beginning some people like to meet more often. Sessions last 55 minutes and each session is $80. I do operate on a sliding fee scale and those on limited budgets may pay less.

I also do spiritual growth, exploration, and healing work by playing roleplaying games (like Dungeons & Dragons).  Many people use such games for education, social skill building, and in therapeutic settings. My specialty is in the use and design of games for spiritual direction.

I am also available to speak or teach for your book club, office, social club, or in your home. Pricing varies. Some topics include "finding Your Spiritual Path," "Mindfulness and Meditation," and "Beginning Hebrew for the Aspiring Mystic." Contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.